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My name is Rob, 60 years old, married, father and grandfather. My nickname is Ewing. Next Monday i am going to pick up my new Toyota C-HR Hybrid Style in lavared paint. I come from a whole different car, namely a Mazda MX5. I bought it new in 2016 after my retirement, and enjoyed it very much. However, for me the years will count :wink2:, and I am ready for a more comfortable car. I had three brands in mind. Mazda with the CX3 or CX5, the Kia Niro and the Toyota C-HR. Partly because of the fact that the hybridtechnic appeals to me enormously and I wanted to go driving with a automatic transmission anyway, and the fact that my son-in-law has been driving in the C-HR 1.2 for over a year and so I have had knowledge of this car. make me decide to choose the C-HR hybrid. The positive reports of driving tests in car magazines and car videos have also played a part in this. I am already browsing through the forum and hope to be able to discover many aspects and facts of this car in the future through this forum, and to take an active part in it.
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