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Interior rear panels in trunk area- removal

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Has anyone tried removing the interior panel in the trunk area (that houses the light on the drivers of the vehicle)? I am trying to access the tail light wiring behind it. Specifically, I am installing the multifunction led tail lights referenced in this thread...
I'm sure it just pulls off but I'm not having a lot of success. Is there a good starting point for its removal? Any help would be appreciated! Thanx!


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It seems like most people are replacing the front lights and not the rear, so I couldn't find anything on the forum. o_O
You could be the first one if you can figure it out. Wish I could help but I have not idea how you can remove the sidewall lining.
Here a Toyota installation manual of towing hitch wiring.. page 18-21 that tells how to remove that side panel. C-HR_THWH_13p_PW5D0-10000_AIM 003 796-0.pdf

The sidepanel is just clicked.. but you need to remove all other panels first
Thanx dutCH-R!
Looks likes going to be a little more involved than I had anticipated...Looks like a summertime job. Looks like I'll have to remove the quarter panels too so as to access the wiring... It looked a lot easier on the original thread. Oh well, not sure its really worth the effort...:crying:
If I do feel up to it...I will surely post pics Tubeman!

Thanx again all!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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