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In-Depth Walk Around

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This is quite an interesting in depth review. Goes through functions on the infotainment whilst showing close ups on almost everything. I really like that rear door handle, wasn't too sure about it at the beginning, but it's growing on me

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Two problems I see with the rear door handle locations; it's hard to open the door all the way from the handle so you'll have to grab the door once it has been cracked open, and it makes the C pillar abnormally thick and reduces visual a bit. At least everything else makes up for it.
That's true. It's definitely a two-step procedure to get it fully opened. I assume the seats are all the way back and it seems like you can barely fit in the back seats there though in terms of leg room? If you pause it at 2:11 you can kinda see it properly.
Consumer Report guys did a bit of a preview for the C-HR. They provide some info of the differences between trims, says when the doors are closed, it creates a dark space. I don't really mind that at all though..

That seems to be one of the main interior complaints with the rear doors. It's not that bad unless your passenger has claustrophobia. I'd be more concerned with the rear window view with how slanted and small it looks.
I can only imagine how bad it'll get once I get it tinted.. may have to go with a lighter 35% or something
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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