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I've gone through one snow season with my C-HR in the Mid Atlantic. It went through it fine. While the ground clearance isn't as high as the RAV4, one would argue if you should be driving when snow is that deep anyways.

As for AWD, it's over rated. The masses and marketing as programmed everyone to believe you have to have AWD. You don't. Tires make the biggest difference along with driving smartly. Most people don't even bother buying proper winter tires. It's all about traction for both getting the car to move AND stopping. AWD is not going to help you brake shorter in low traction situations. I went through a few snow seasons with a rear wheel drive sports car that I fitted with proper winter tires. Never got stuck. In fact, there were times I was passing cars with AWD that were stuck in the snow.

The extra money you spend to get AWD can easily go into buying a set of wheels with winter tires you would just install when winter comes around. On top of that, you will have reduced complexity in the mechanicals which will come back later in increased maintenance costs and with less potential for something to break. Plus less weight meaning better fuel economy.

The best situation is to have AWD fitted with winter tires. But hardly anyone does that. The vast majority of people run all seasons which there is a saying that all seasons do nothing well.
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