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How To Use Touch 2 System in C-HR

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Here's a video on how to use the Toyota Touch 2 system in the C-HR by Car Buyers Guide

This looks pretty darn cool. Love how it can tell you the closest fuel station and how much the prices are as well. Best of all, it tells you about parking spaces and prices too!

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Just make sure you phone is up to date so you don't experience any problems connecting or using any APP's. It could even be something as fundamental as the Bluetooth firmware that needs to be updated. Anyone reading this should do an update if they haven't already.
Pairing with your mobile device looks to be smooth and simple. Is aha region locked or would it be able to play any podcast anywhere in the world?
I'm really not too familiar with Aha radio but I doubt it would be region locked. You should have multiple genres and be able to listen to streams from anywhere.
I think it's compatible so long as it's paired with a system that supports it. There's also the USB option that's easily accessible. No need tab around the screen to find what you're looking for.
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