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How to buy rims online, what spec?

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Ive been planning to buy rims for my C-HR online ( ), the thing is that I'm not so sure how to do it. I'm a new car owner and I wanted to customize my new car. Any help would be much appreciated. BTW I have a 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE (North american version).

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All of the shown rims on that site should be compatible with your C-HR. Changes in overall size will impact your ride quality as you move towards a larger diameter. This is a good site to ensure proper fitment. OEM setup is 225/50R18 with 50 offset and 7.0 rim width.
Are you changing the OEM wheel setup just for cosmetic reasons or are you actually trying to improve performance? That will have an influence on the kinds of wheels that you should be looking at. Seen anything you've liked so far?
Tirerack is a popular source for seeing how specific wheels and tires would pair up to your vehicle. Its always been my main online wheel/tire tool.
I also use Tirerack for my wheel purchases. I used it to see how my current ones would fit and happy the site is around.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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