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Horn is so whimpy!

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Hi All,

I recently purchased my 2019 C-HR and I love it. However the horn is so sad. I'm coming from a Sequoia, so my expectations are a bit high. I saw another thread on here about the horn, but the last activity was about a year ago and I wanted to get some fresh eyes on this topic. If anyone has replaced the horn, please let me know the process and hopefully there is a video out there to aid in the process.

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Wow, no activity here?

There are pics - I may have some posted...
But I have had no problems with my WOLO BadBoy horn so far. Yes, put a relay with that horn and wire the main to the battery - there is plenty room for more eyelet-type connectors on that positive post. That WOLO runs over 20 amps and will blow out the OEM horn fuse.
Having worked in a collision center and being around lots of different cars, one set of horns that I thought was very strong and a good tone was the factory horns on a 2018 Merceded GLA. I'm going to have to check into a set.
Some say that the factory horns from a Camry could also work - at least on the RAV4 - there is also many posts on this in

Yes, even the RAV4 has a weak-as-fark horn.

I have the WOLO bad boy in my 2018 RAV4 as well.
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