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hi there ,just joined thank you for having me ,dont be fooled by age am still young at heart:smile2:,anyway wanted to say hi to everyone ,allways like to get information ,did it with all my cars from Mazdas to Audis allways find forums have tons of information on them ,i bought a C--HR Dynamic Automatic Hybryd about a month ago ,allways on the look out on how to improve or upgrade it
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Hey fullcharge,

Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the new CH-R, how are you finding it so far? There isn't much in terms of aftermarket as of yet, but there are a few members on here already doing modifications themselves. Rumor has it we may see a TRD CH-R down the line, so I'm sure there are plenty of customization options on the way.
A fellow Hybrid driver says Welcome fullcharge. ;)
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