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Hello from Reading, PA!

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Hi folks. I'm a newly registered member, but I've been lurking here in the shadows on & off for awhile. I fell in love with the C-HR way back when I first saw the concept sketches & photos. When they finally arrived, it really was love at first sight, but with my commute and snowsport hobbies, I decided that I really needed to stick with vehicles that had 4-wheeled grip.

Well, they say all things happen for a reason. My current car has been irritating me more and more with problems one after another and my thoughts have returned to the C-HR. It happened after seeing a beautiful Blue Eclipse Metallic XLE in front of me at a light a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been busy looking, dreaming, researching, and designing my dream C-HR on the Toyota website.

I think I'm ready, but I'm just curious what the experienced C-HR'ers have heard and read. I've read rumors about AWD coming to the C-HR in 2020. Is there any truth to this? I have found it on a couple of websites, but i can only guess Toyota prefers to keep their cards in close to their chest. That's OK, but I still feel I need to stick with AWD and I don't want to settle on something that I don't absolutely love and the AWD C-HR's come out a few months later.

Let me know what you've heard. Thanks!
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Welcome to the forum, glad to hear that you've taken an interest in the C-HR. As its really one of the few new crossovers that isn't offered with AWD, I think Toyota will have to change that moving forward to stay competitive. I also hope that future models aren't so varied by region, because Asia and Europe seems to be getting all the goodies.
Welcome to the forum!

We're also annoyed at the cruddy entertainment unit and some says wind noise issues
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