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Has anyone have experience ordering parts and bumpers from Yahoo Japan Auctions

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I searched through Yahoo Japan Auctions and found front JDM bumpers for dirt cheap when converted to USD. I know you need a "middleman" to buy the parts for you since many if not all of these vendors won't sell outside Japan.

I really want to purchase a JDM front bumper for the C-HR, but I have never used a middleman service to buy stuff from Japan. Anyone have experience doing this?
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Try JDMYamato they can deal new and used JDM parts and ship worldwide.
Try JDMYamato they can deal new and used JDM parts and ship worldwide.
You keep mentioning them. Do they ship stuff to the USA? Has anyone in the US dealt with them before.
Try JDMYamato they can deal new and used JDM parts and ship worldwide.
I emailed them about inquiring the bumper and this is what they said.

Thank you for your message. Usually I use EMS for the shipping.
However, they can not deal bumpers. It is because the size that
can be carried by EMS is decided. And bumpers are over the size...
Of course, I can use other carrier (ex. Fedex, DHL, UPS) but, their
fee is very very expensive... So I will not use them...
Thank you very much.
Probably better off waiting for some local options don't you think? I'm sure with all the kits we've seen already that we'll get some cheaper knock off brands. Not surprising to hear that they wont even use the regular carriers.
Im sure they ship to USA too.
For bumpers... its not impossible. Its only very expensive because of the volume.
I most often order high-quality spare parts from intermediaries, but I think that you can look for other sites with spare parts.
Yeah. It wasn't that easy as it could be. I shipped some parts but the waiting time almost killed me. The price is pretty ok but I honestly hope that these parts could be purchased somewhere from Europe or the US for the better price.

I think they have to do smth with the shipping time because it's not ok to wait for many weeks or even months to get parts you need. At the same time, my friend suggested me to use china ems tracking services instead because they have less shipping time. Well, I hope so because I don't wanna wait for too long for my order.
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