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mein Name ist Uwe, ich bin 54 Jahre alt und wohne in Bayern.Seit gestern fahre ich den neuen C-HR und muss sagen,klasse Auto.
Bei Fragen immer her damit.

Gruß Uwe
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Hi (Jassu) Uwe, as i said before your C-HR is very nice and unique !
Welcome to the forum and your C-HR looks great with the green accent! How are you liking it so far compared to your previous vehicle?
Welcome to the club.

You probably get a lot of looks in the CH-R. Fortunately its not a vehicle that resembles anything else on the road, something other car makes wish they had going on.

How many miles/km have you put on it so far?
Welcome to the forums ! Those bright green accents actually look pretty cool. That makes yours stand out a whole bunch, bet you get a lot of looks on the road ;)
x2 about the Green accents and it's not to make the OP feel good, I don't care about that. I honestly think it looks good. Mainly because its the sort of thing that has proven itself even on a manufacture/OEM level. When you see a lot of those it really embeds into your head. Won't be surprised if the OP got inspiration from some concept or production model.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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