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G'day from Oz

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Hi forum members. Thought I'd sign up after picking up my Shadow Platinum Koba yesterday.

Totalled my previous car, which I absolutely adored. As that model was discontinued and ceased production late last year and there are almost no used models available in the country, I couldn't find a replacement.

So I purchased the CHR. It is the only compact SUV on the market that looks to have character and style and was within my insurance payout budget.

It has some big shoes to fill, but the drive home yesterday brought a big smile and I think it is going to do very nicely!
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Welcome to the forums! What was your prior car that you totalled? Glad you're alright at least :)
Sorry about your previous car, but at least the C-HR sounds like it's doing a pretty good job filing the void. Have you taken it on a long drive yet?
2014 Mini Paceman Cooper S. Full chilli pack, Royal Grey with carbon black wheels.

There were only only 5 used ones in the whole of Australia when I was looking and none of them were anywhere near as cool as mine or as new. It was pretty unique.

Funny thing is, I have had more compliments and enquiries in the month that I have had with my C-HR than I ever got with my Mini!

Loving it at the moment. Still have to get used to the tech on it, but finding out more about it every day.

Haven't taking it in a long drive yet, mainly due to the dealer telling me for the first month to avoid travelling at a constant speed for extended periods.

Going in for its 1 month post sales check today (little late!) after which I am heading up the hills for a spot if fishing. Looking forward to the drive!
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Those Mini Paceman Cooper S were cool as heck. Terribly sorry to hear about what happened though, but hey, at least you're still all well and happy :)

Are you the modifying type?
Wouldn't you believe it.

Driving through a shopping centre car park, another car with a dirty great tow bar reverses in to the side of my CHR!

Tow bar banged up the front passenger door and sliced open the rear, damaging the door frame slightly as well!

Not a scratch on the other car.

Assessor says they need to order in replacement doors from Japan. Could take four or five weeks (apparently the skin on the front door is too thin for it to be beaten out)

Interesting to note that since I purchased my car there are now two other identical CHRs in the neighbourhood!

Definitely interested in modifying. One cool thing about Minis is they are easy to personlize and to upgrade.
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Ouch, must stink to have a new car get damaged to extensively, though I'm not surprised that the other car came out unscatd with how sturdy tow bars are. Do they have to realign the frame?
Darn.. now that's a real kick in the pants, so sorry to hear about that.

I presume the vehicle would be deemed unfit and not-drivable at this point on the road, are they giving you a loaner until it gets fixed?
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