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Gazoo Racing C-HR

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This is pretty cool. Gazoo Racing C-HR. Here's an interview that answers quite a few questions and what not. Check it out. I just really like the pictures. Really not a lot of changes, and I don't think there's anything power wise other than a displacement increase from 1.2 to 1.4 easily attained from just boring it out. Or a mild stroker kit come to think of it.

  • lowered and stiffened suspension with adjustable shock absorbers
  • upgraded brake calipers and rotors to ensure endurance performance
  • improved aerodynamics to increase front and rear downforce
  • upgraded engine power and torque by increasing engine capacity from 1.2 litres to almost 1.4 litres
  • limited slip differential installed
  • equipment to meet safety regulations: race fuel tank, circuit breaker, fire extinguisher system, roll cage, bucket seats, five-point seat belts, etc.
Exclusive interview with Toyota C-HR racing team

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Now this... this is what should be sold ! I would definitely want that engine, LSD, and front lip.
Now this... this is what should be sold ! I would definitely want that engine, LSD, and front lip.
If they really decide to go the route of offering sportier models the maybe we see something that rivals the NISMO Juke. Depending on how sales go and how much Toyota wants to risk we might see it happen - I just won't expect it.
A risk is what it will be for sure. People in this segment aren't looking to make it a power house. Well, majority of people at least. I'm unsure if you can actually buy Gazoo Racing products anyhow so that may put a damper on things. I'm sure if it's race inspired, they may not be deemed street legal, the engine perhaps may not meet emission standards for example. The body panels and what not I can see being manufactured by the aftermarket, but I don't see us being able to get something like a splitter with stabilizer rods from Toyota.
Yea, Gazoo Racing is just there for tuning racing vehicles and not selling. I think it's a separate entity within the Toyota so their tech and tunes can be used in Toyota products. It's up to Toyota to implement them for mass production.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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