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Gas Range Mileage

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I just got the car for my wife last month and she is the primary driver of the car. So, she mentioned to me that the gas range when she fills up the car only goes to 225 miles. That didn't seem right to me. I read somewhere that the full tank range should be around 400 miles or more. She has the car running on eco mode so I'm at a loss as to why it only shows 225 miles at a fill up.

Any help?

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Don't be fooled by the range on the information center. Every time I fill up, mine shows 240 miles but I usual get 325 miles on a fill up. The best that I have gotten was 355 miles on a fill up on interstate and highway with the car in ECO mode.
Yeah I think Toyota needs to push an update through, to correct those false readings. The C-HR is capable of more range than what is actually being indicated.
Ok, thanks for the info. Im just going to have my wife not pay attention to the information center.
I just go by the fuel tank gauge instead of mileage, fill up the car when the needle is around the last quarter tank.
I have had my car for 1 month now. I average 325 - 360 per fill up, depending on how much highway or city driving i do.
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I have a heavy foot.. Plus I only have access to the water down (10% ethanol) fuel we get here in Miami, FL.
i am getting around 300-320 MPG and yes my range is completely off when i fill up the tank i get 245 mile range i reset the trip computer every time to really see how much i am getting most of my driving is in the city ..i find it odd that it is so off. i really hope Toyota somehow fixes this
...i really hope Toyota somehow fixes this
This is in almost every car the same (my previous Japanese car, a 2016 Suzuki Vitara told me there was no mileage left, but the volume i could put in told me otherwise, every time!).
It calculates purely on theoretical values, so hill climbing, strong headwinds etc. are not regarded.
If you want to know exactly you need to do the math yourself when you fill it up again. Basically you're the only one that really knows how the mileage came together...
Update. After a few fill ups and a roadtrip the range is still at 240. The car is averaging 30 gpm so not too bad. Thank you everyone for their input.
My wifes always shows 246 after a fill up, and I know that it's going further than that on a tank of gas.
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it shows 300 for me at full... weird!
Here over in Europe we have a 1.8 engine mounted, combined with the hybrid driveline.
A full tank should take us around 500-550 miles... 800 - 880 km. The display shows that number, but i have never reached that max value. But in real life i can do approx. 800km, just little less than 5 litres/100km.
We also have a 1.2 litres turbo engine without hybrid drive; not a clue what the numbers are on that, but according to the specs that should do 6 litres/100km.
Toyota engineers were drunk when they programed the range algorithms!!! Here are some numbers from a longer trip I did yesterday. Right before the trip I filled the car and the system showed I had 246 miles to empty. Before the fill the gage was near empty and took 9.3 gallons to fill the tank, somewhat confirming it's 10 gallon capacity per gage. I drove a total of 259.8 miles and the system was showing 89 miles to empty! That is 13.8 miles more than the 246 it originally estimated. If I was going to trust the 89 number remaining this would give me a range of 348.8 miles on full tank. This number would coincide better with the average 34.8 MPG the DIC was displaying. But the Toyota engineers were not done messing with my mind as the fuel gage was showing I still had a half a tank of gas!!! I mean come on Toyota!!! A 1/2 of ten gallon tank is five gallons (just want to show off my math skill ;)) and since I just drove 259.8 miles (accurate according to GPS) then my car got 51.96 miles to the gallon!!! This is a second time I did this trip, on the first I did not record the numbers as I did on this one but the half tank at end of trip was same. So thanks to my happy drunk Toyota engineers I have three choices whenever I plan a longer trip, my Ch-R can travel 246, 348.8 or 519.6 miles for every fill up!!! I'm at loss for words on how a 2018 year model vehicle can be that much off on figuring what every automotive manufacturer has been doing wright for decades!!!
Just to clarify this is a 2.0 US model. Driving was mostly freeway with overall average of 61 MPH. Two adults and 100 lbs of luggage.
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I just went to Texas over the Memorial Day Weekend. Had the cruise set at 80, driving from Kentucky, it got a best of 33.7 mpg, and it never got under 30 mpg the entire trip. Needless to say that I'm very happy with it.
Update: The range changes from 242 to 245 now and then. No clue as to why it changes but oh well. When my wife drives the car she gets about 30 mpg and when I drive it I can get 33 mpg. I have the car on Eco mode so Im not sure if the mpg is good or not.
My wifes shows 251 after fill ups after we drove it to Texas.
Although the range algorithm is out of wack, I feel like the MPG reading is on point. I've been tracking my MPGs during every single fill-up since I bought the car brand new.

13.5 months of ownership and 45 fill-ups, the C-HR averages 27.8 MPGs (mostly city). Every time I fill up, I check the current MPG reading and compare it with my own math. What I found is that the car's reading is less than 1 MPG different than my own math, which is very good.

Looking at the range when I fill up, I get about 300 miles until I need to fill up and the furthest I've driven was 357 miles with the gas light on.


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It looks like I'll probably be repeating what's mentioned above. The range for these cars usually doesn't account for reserve for obvious reasons - they don't want you to run out of gas driving it all the way down. Plus that number will fluctuate for some people (as I have observed). Like you, when I was in a small town with my CHR, filling it up, usually I was getting Cruising Range 252 miles. Like you, I felt the same way - disappointed. I drove it from Mississippi to the DFW area (7 hours - 447 miles). I made it about 315 miles on a tank with 20-30 miles left. I filled it up and my range went to 331 miles. I was driving on I-20 going at a speed of 70-75 mph and I was getting 32 mpg. The filling up was about 9 gallons.

So if you get a chance, take it on a long road trip. I also tend to drive in a non-spirited manner. That along with the way you drive might help as far as your range is concerned.
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