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I was wondering if anybody is having some same issue that i am having with the front windshield Glass.

I am having a blast with CHR. and took my wife and my kid a ride.
as we were driving my wife realized that windshield glass is giving "wobble" like effect and that is giving her dizziness and nausea problem.
now, i do not get the same "wobble" effect when i am driving.
I told her that it might her contact lens....
but the next day, she told me the same thing..
and i let her drive the car and i sat on passenger side... and surely enough, it was giving dizziness and nausea feeling..

do you guys know what might be creating this issue? can it be prevented if i do a "SUPER CLEAN" inside out on a windshield glass ? or does the front windshield glass needs to be replaced ?

lastly, if i do need to replace them, does toyota premium 10yr/100,000miles warranty covers this type of problem as well?...

sorry for so many questions, and again thank you guys in advance for your inputs.
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