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Front windshield Glass - Dizziness & nausea problem.

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I was wondering if anybody is having some same issue that i am having with the front windshield Glass.

I am having a blast with CHR. and took my wife and my kid a ride.
as we were driving my wife realized that windshield glass is giving "wobble" like effect and that is giving her dizziness and nausea problem.
now, i do not get the same "wobble" effect when i am driving.
I told her that it might her contact lens....
but the next day, she told me the same thing..
and i let her drive the car and i sat on passenger side... and surely enough, it was giving dizziness and nausea feeling..

do you guys know what might be creating this issue? can it be prevented if i do a "SUPER CLEAN" inside out on a windshield glass ? or does the front windshield glass needs to be replaced ?

lastly, if i do need to replace them, does toyota premium 10yr/100,000miles warranty covers this type of problem as well?...

sorry for so many questions, and again thank you guys in advance for your inputs.
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We have that issue also here in Europe on C-HR models without DAB antenna.

See this topic :
Yeah it seems to be a more commonplace issue than one would think. Perhaps some peoples eyes are more or less sensitive to it. Doesn't look there is much in terms of a solution as I've seen swapping out for an entirely new windshield doesn't necessarily fix the issue. Looks like its hit or miss on where these "distortions" are located and how severely they may be. Not sure if it'll be covered under warranty, but it may be as it affects your vision/safety. Let us know if you find a solution.
So if it's a recurring issue no matter how many times they change out the glass, ask for a windscreen with DAB antenna to get rid of the distortion. This is a manufacturer defect that Toyota should fix at their expense.
Hello everyone! (Europe)
I had my windshield replaced- the insurance didnt cover so i had to do it from my wallet..almost 1000 euros( the old one was a good one but took a big stone wich left a round crack in it) and i have this blurry vision in the left side..feels like i am wearing a pair of glasses that dorsnt fit my left eye. I have eye pain and headache after 10 minutes of driving( and im driving every day for 1,5 hours). The guys from toyota that replaced my windshield are sceptics and they seem to not see the problem or addmit it and they asked for a proof like a video or a photo with the image distortion. I did some video but the distortion isnt that obvious and im afraid it isnt enought for them and i wanted to ask if you could give me some tips and tricks to try and show it to a video or photo. Thank you!
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