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Front Bumper Retainer

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I guess when I hit a bump it seperated the front bumper and right fender. They popped it back in but popped out again. Has anyone else have this problem?


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Poke around the parts list to see if you're missing something?
ill tell u my story, I hit a seems to be like a road that broke on me when i did a sharp turn, i dont know why it happened that but i guess i was just really unlucky that day. Anyway when I hit that let say a broken deep road not pothole, the right side of my fender liner came off and didnt even realize it after a couple of days. Now they estimated the part and its around 630$ w/ parts and labour. Just be careful especially w/ those deep potholes because Toyota C-HR is kinda low than usual cars. That's all!
I just purchased a C-HR and also have a Camry and Honda Fit. The C-HR scrapes fee front more than both of the other 2 cars. So much for "HIGH RIDER", 😂 😂 😂
Get it glued back in at a bodyshop. ;)
Id consider getting it properly reseated. Unfortunately the C-HR rides pretty low, so its going to be more prone to damage from potholes and bumps.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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