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Exhaust from Corolla

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I've seen it other places ,but just curious if anyone has tried fitting corolla specific exhaust to our vehicles? I know someone did it with an hks system just curious is there are more kits or if anyone has tried it here? Apexi N1 Evo Extreme Extreme Muffler Single Exit for 20-21 Toyota Corolla(164-KT18) kind of want to try this one. Looks similar just curious what others say or think. Thanks for your time.
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From what I read when I was researching for my exhaust was that almost every C-HR exhaust works on a Corolla, but not every Corolla exhaust works on a C-HR. Some require slight modification such as a small bend or an exhaust hanger modded. I went with the Remark dual exhaust. Was wanting the quad tip they offer for the Corolla, but they wouldn't tell me exactly what needed to be done for it to fit the C-HR. Hope this helps some.
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Yep, same here. Got the Remark dual exhaust.
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