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Euro Spec Toyota C-HR First Drive Review

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Toyota’s new C-HR is one of the most radical models they’ve produced in years and Mike Duff from Car And Driver had a chance to test drive one.

Originally developed as a Europe only model, those of you living there have a choice of three powertrains; a 114 hp 1.2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, combined 121 hp 1.8-liter hybrid, and a 144 hp 2.0-liter four. Only the 2.0-liter engine paired with an automatic transmission will be available in the States and maybe the other two powertrains will be available at a later time, but for now the US-Spec C-HR is restricted to one engine.

Because the 2.0 liter wasn’t available at the European launch, Mike didn’t get chance to test drive it. What he did test drive was the 1.2-liter turbo with a peak torque of 136 lb-ft that’s available from 1500 rpm to 4000 rpm. It may have a low 5600 rpm redline, but the midrange torque and standard six-speed manual gearbox makes it feel faster than the manufacturer estimated 0-62 mph time of 11.4 seconds. There’s even a rev-matching function to smooth out downshifts.

As for the hybrid variant, it pretty much drives like a Prius, just more quiet thanks to the electrical assistance.

Car And Driver’s sales prediction for the Toyota C-HR is around 100,000 units a year in Europe and another 100,000 globally. With the C-HR’s swoopy design and surprisingly spacious interior, Toyota may actually hit those sales numbers.
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Too bad the c-hr doesn't have more power, but it makes sense because Toyota would want people to pay more for more power like the Rav 4, wouldn't want to take sales from their own higher end model.
Sigh.. but the C-HR looks so much darn better. The more power in the C-HR would only make an even better relationship. But in business, can't take away from something else that's making you money by shorting "two incomes down to one"
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