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Electronic Parking Brake Cover

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Has anyone received the letter to fix a possible issue of the 'momentary activation of the electronic parking brake switch in limited circumstances if someone places a rigid object of a specific size in the EPB switch finger well.
Momentary activation while driving results in the vehicle slowing slightly and warning lights appearing on the instrument panel, etc.'

While getting my winter tires put on, my dealer is adding the cover. Haven't seen it yet. Waiting for the call to go pick up my car.

I found these photos online.

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Yep. I received the letter also. Additionally, I received one stating that the rear bumper protector was to be standard on all models in the US and that if you didn't get one, the dealership will fix you up. Unfortunately, I negotiated the bumper guard with my purchase.... Bummer.
Here is what it looks like once installed by the dealer


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Got My letter yesterday . Mine already looks like the above picture ??? Still LOVING the CHR
Well received another recall letter about the parking brake. It has to be inspected by the dealer since it might or might not activate/deactivate. Next time I go to the dealer I'll get them to look at it...
This car has lots of electronic system. Bought this car in Ontario just recently but worried already about future when sensors will start asking me to replace them. Vehicle sensors are always costly.
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