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does C-HR has engine oil % indicator ?

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Hi, i have another "dumb" question.
so, my wife drives Honda CR-V and it has an engine oil % life indicator, where you can monitor how much % left on a engine oil.

I tried to search to see if C-HR has one too. but have not had a luck yet.

does C-HR has one ? or do i just wait until engine oil light comes on a dashboard to do a oil change ? i do have when i need to go to Toyota to get an service but just wanted to know if C-HR has % indicator or not.

thanks much,
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It's all dipstick my friend. Or if there is a percentage indicator somewhere, I don't know where that is.
If you opt to replace the OEM infotainment system and replace it with something that is Android compatible you may be able to find an app that provides more specific engine information. It's relatively inexpensive if you are technically capable to do it yourself, other than that you're relying on the dipstick/computer.
TubeMan & Shorty,

thank you for your inputs. It doesn't bother me at all for not having the percentage indicator. just wondered if i was being stupid of not being able to find them when it was offered in CHR.
We have 2022 CHR and not seeing any maintenance reminder... that can't be right.
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