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dear Toyota, i won't be buying your Toyota Juke sans turbo

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wanted to get this off my chest because i am so sick of US consumers getting left out in the cold when it comes to japanese auto makers models that are realeased here in the US so here goes:

when i first read about the c-hr hybrid about a year ago i was so excited about purchasing one that i started making plans immediately to be in financial positioning to get one when they first rolled out here in the US, ....and then i found out the disappointing truth, that neither the hybrid version nor a faster version would be released in the US.

that leaves me with absolutely zero incentive to trade in my juke for a c-hr. it would have been the perfect car, a vehicle that sits up high like an suv yet parks in tight spots like a compact and gets hybrid gas mileage all with a hatch to haul my musical gear easily. now, as it stands, the c-hr is comparable in every way to a juke(gas mileage, price, size, styling), except with only one difference, turbo. the hybrid variant would be ideal for me however i would have considered swapping my juke for the c-hr if it at least had the same performance as my juke (0-60 in roughly 6.5 sec), however now knowing that i get neither the hybrid system nor the turbo performance all the while priced the same as the juke the c-hr boils down to one simple thing:

juke sans turbo.

thats right, the c-hr would be a DOWNGRADE for me.

total letdown. toyota you really dropped the ball here in the US and with no solid future plans for a hybrid or higher performance c-hr in the pipeline i'll be looking to Nissan for the next gen Juke instead.
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