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Couple of trim parts to be replaced

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A couple of days after picking up our new C-HR noticed that something seemed to be hanging down from underneath the front of the car. Appears that someone probably got to close to a curb and when backing away from it dragged those two front mud guards(the ones located in front of the wheel, not behind) dislodging two of the five clips from each side and bending the corner on one of the pieces downward. Dealer will be replacing them early next week and put the car back into is new condition. Funny thing though is that we live in a city of about 120K people and after ten days of ownership have yet to see another C-HR on the road.
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Good thing it's just the plastic bits. Seems like the C-HR is a popular model because 3,444 were sold in July alone. So there should be a lot of them roaming around.
That would make 3,444 incredibly smart people. Love ours and have had it for almost two weeks now......but still have yet to see another one on the road. Would love to run into another owner, if for nothing else, just to compare notes.
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