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CHR Noob

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I am trying to be one of the firsts in my neighborhood to have a CHR!!
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Welcome to the forums! What other vehicles have you looked at and what are you currently driving?
I am in a 2010 civic, i have looked @ the Honda HRV... I am ready to buy, but the CHR is not in the states yet. I like the features on the inside of the Honda but I like the exterior styling of the CHR, so I would like to drive it as soon as possible. I have no clue when the CHR will be available in the states.
As nice as the HR-V is, the exterior pales in comparison when you look at the C-HR IMO. It's scheduled to hit showroom floors later this spring, but that's all I know and it's very general.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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