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Chassis Is 60% Stiffer

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Reviews are streaming in and mentions the C-HR chassis being 60% stiffer than Toyota's previous C-segment platform. Doesn't mean you should be going into a corner at full speed, but it'll handle spirited driving like a champ and there won't be a need for cross bars.
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Spirited driving varies on everyone's perception. I wouldn't rule out cross bars or braces just yet. Get it in one and drive it first as you'll probably find you'll want one. Not saying you're going to use this as a track beast or whatever, but me personally, prefer a stiffer ride so braces may indeed be on my list.
I won't be doing any fast turns and curves on anything taller than a sedan. The fear of rolling over is strong in me, I've felt tires lift off the ground before and it's not something I want to experience again. 60% stiffer or with a brace, still not going to change my mind.
I definitely won't be doing anything too spirited.. I've never been much of a turn tracking kind of guy.. more straight line. Once it has the power to go straight and stop properly, I'm pretty happy. Don't care for the extra goodness of a brace or anything.. until I do something with the engine at least.
There's a practical limit on what you actually need and 60% should be more than enough for crossover.
But saying 60% should be more than enough without knowing exactly how stiff the initial platform was is meaningless though. I could say anything is 80% better than something else, but if you don't have any experience or anything factual to base relativity off of, it means nothing lol.
I took our first one home last night to give it a run and the handling is nice. Steering is gorgeous for this class of vehicle. Then I found the g-meter in the MID display between the dials so tried a bit of more spirited cornering to see if there was any point to this screen. There isn't.
It handles great to a point but then quickly drops off into understeer.
The bigger problem is the CVT though. Around town it feels really peppy but floor it and it's like you've dropped an anchor.
It could definitely handle more power but will need something more to really turn it into a cornering beast.
It barely moves. There are barely any G's to measure. They should have calibrated it differently if they wanted to show anything. Full braking moves it about 1 cm.
It has no place on this car unless they plan on making an AWD 250hp version :)
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