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CarWow - Toyota CH-R Review

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Diamonds everywhere! But he does go through the interior design quite a bit and points out quite a bit at a really good not-boring pace.
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This video was great for seeing what it will be like for rear seat passengers because its hard to tell that with just specs. Instead seeing how the C-Pillar, Roof, side profile, etc is from the inside with an actual person provides perspective.

Thanks for posting
Just test drove it. Looked great from the outside and interior was nice. Not too comfortable, though. The rest was disappointing. Drive was ok. Slow pick up, loud engine, back up camera is in RV mirror and 2 inches wide, if that, really hard to see. Meanwhile, it has a huge screen in front but no options to use it for (no Nav, bluetooth etc..). I see how it was Scion concept and nothing changed. Besides the nice exterior it is a slow, bare bones Toyota.
Mat Watson usually does some pretty good reviews, so I was glad to see him go through the car. As per usual, another great review.

The C-HR is not perfect, but the flaws doesn't really matter to me. I never carry around many people or kids, nor do I pack my car with loads of stuff.
But for some of those who do have smaller kids, I think the small windows in the back is going to be a deal breaker.
He's charismatic so his reviews aren't simply him spouting out specs and calling it a day. The complaints he has for the interior are negligible for me, really doesn't matter if it doesn't have a false floor.

There's a practicality review too:
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