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Canadian model help!!!

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Sorry for what's about to be a long list, but someone on here HAS to be able to help....

Here it goes. Last Saturday I purchased a, what I was told, 2019 Limited. After going through the vehicle I realized it was missing a few things, but had 90% of the Limited options. Turns out it isn't an Limited and the car was mis vinned when it came into America. What I have is a 2019 CHR LE with almost every available option. Not a big deal, but for whatever reason I'm unable to sign into the Toyota App to set up my App Suite. After about 1000 calls to Toyota US and Toyota CA I was told I could have my local dealership switch the DCM and that should fix the issue. Problem one, fixed or so I thought. TOYOTA US has no TIS file for fixing this and because of that they "can't fix it."

Problem two. My HVAC controls are all still in Celsius, and absolutely no one has any idea how to fix that. Everything else was able to be changed to Metric, through the settings but nothing changes the HVAC screen. Will the new DCM help? Does anyone have a clue what I'm missing? Can it even be changed?

Problem three. After going back and forth with the two countries respective Customer Services, I was told that if there's a warranty issue, I'd have to go to Canada, if the fix wasn't available in the US. My local dealership said he heard it was possible to have Toyota CA release the car to Toyota US and that would fix that issue. Any ideas on that would be great....

I've been on the phone for two days with about 100 different people, and now it's time to turn to Reddit. One of you all has had to have had this happen.
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