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can a C=HR get the mods to make it a contender to some

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just starting to look into what i can do to make my 2019 limited not just turn heads but also leave some just looking at tail lights?? i trust that some of you have done it and id rather not do it by trial and error. but im sure i will have to its just part of the going to check out all of the posts and if any one in the community would like to lend a hand i would surley be thankfull.again thanks for being here to help out super green C-HR owners like myself get the most out of this funky but cool ass ride!!
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Not unless you plan on doing a complete engine and transmission swap. Good luck!
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Nightshade's reply is much more PC than mine. I would say the only way someone is seeing the tail lights of a C-HR is if it gets pushed off a cliff.

But Nightshade is totally correct. If you want to mod the car for more power, you're looking at a total powertrain swap; engine and transmission. Engine because it's anemic and meant for just point A to point B in the most economical way. Transmission because this CVT (CVTs in general) are not meant to shoulder a lot of power. They're built to be cheaply made and for fuel efficiency.
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Anemic is a little strong. I ride in Sport mode and it is sporty...
No. Anemic is the exact and correct description for the acceleration potential of the 3ZR-FAE. People need to wake up and accept that this car is not a performance car. Not even close. The aftermarket has acknowledged this where there is very few "performance" parts for this platform. All that is available is the obligatory intake and exhaust which may add a few ponies to the output power of this engine. There is some solenoids that you can add which does a bit more. All of this isn't cheap for only a few horsepower.

I've done a lot of tuning in the past from flash upgrades, to full on valvetrain upgrades (cam/roller rockers), exhaust, intakes, nitrous injection, etc. I have a good feel for what is and is not possible for any reasonableness of money spent. I paid around $500 for the Dinan stage 2 tune for my 135i if I remember correctly that gives about a 55 HP and 73 ft lb increase. There's nothing available for the C-HR that comes close to delivering that HP to dollar spent ratio.

Everyone's perception of sporty is relative. But using sporty with the C-HR is such an oxymoron coming from my experience with much faster cars and sport bikes. The only thing that the C-HR does well is corner.
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Thx for your post. Granted it is not a performance car. I knew this when I bought it. But in Sport in does much better (CVT withstanding). It also handles well and is fun to drive. I rented a Carolla in a trip recently and it was not a great car to drive. So, many complain about this car on the forum. I wonder why they bought one in the first place. It looks good to boot. I get 32.4 mpg but in Sport 29.7; not a bad trade-off. Have a good day. BTW, I have owned several BMWs and a Harley Sportster. I also drove a Cup Car at the Texas Motor Speedway driving school. Rev limiter set 165-170
Last but not least I am a former Marine Corps Naval Aviator. Had two tours in Nam as a gunship pilot. I did have the need for speed ;^)
I bought this car because I didn't want a big SUV. I needed a car where I can put a car seat in for my daughter. Had the trunk space of the Corolla HB been bigger, I would have owned that car instead of the C-HR. I didn't buy this car because of the perceived performance the styling gives. I bought it for exactly what this thing was designed for....a point A to point B grocery getter that just happens to have less than boring styling.

If you know it's not a performance car, then why chime in on this thread? This thread among others were asking how to make this car be a street light dragster. This is wishful thinking and I'm just being frank given my past experience with tuning cars.

Since we're comparing resumes, I've been doing a bunch of track events. 16 years at Virginia International Raceway on initially Kawasaki ZX-6Rs and now BMW S1000RRs. My fastest lap time is 1:54 on the north course which is a 2.25 mile track set this past May. This was with other track riders on track with me so I had to negotiate traffic when setting that time. I've done BMW's M Car Control Clinic. For their timed runs at the end of the school, I took third in a M4 Competition out of 20 some odd drivers. They took the top 5 to re-compete in X2s on a smaller autocross course as part of their concurrent UDE event with only a couple of initial sighting laps. I took third again. Many years ago, I competed in a season of SCCA Solo II autocrossing with my Z24. I cut my teeth into learning about cars and tuning on a 1994 Cavalier Z24. Progressed to a 1994 Camaro Z28. Then finally my current garage queen a 2013 BMW 135i. My street bikes were a 1987 Yamaha FZR400, 1989 Kawasaki ZX-750R, and a 2009 Ducati 848. My current bikes are a 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R, 2016 BMW C650 Sport, and 2022 BMW S1000RR.

I cut my teeth with learning about cars and wrenching on them with my 94 Z24. Did everything to that car from 50 shot of NOS dry spray system, to Crane 1.6 roller rockers and 2030 Compucam, Superchips tune, custom exhaust, Eibach lowering springs, Energy poly bushings, caster plates, Addco larger rear sway bar, etc, etc. From that project car, I learned if you're going to tinker with a car for performance, you need to start with a good base. The C-HR is not such a car. Hence my latest purchases in vehicles which I did purchase because of their performance factor. Last performance mod I did myself was putting on a set of Akrapovic headers on my S1000RR. And frankly with the RR at 205 HP weighing in at 425lbs wet, the vast majority of everything else on wheels is just slow.

BTW, thank you for your service.
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If you know it's not a performance car, then why chime in on this thread? This thread among others were asking how to make this car be a street light dragster.

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