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C-HR on Air

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I love air ride systems and seeing them used in SUV applications as well and this actually does look really nice in my opinion. The thing I like most about this is where the components are tucked away and concealed.

Slamming The Toyota C-HR - Speedhunters

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The C-HR is one of the very few crossovers I don't mind seeing slammed. Personally won't do it, but the design works when lowered because of the large wheel arches.
It does look good and thankfully it's all adjustable on the fly so I wouldn't mind taking a swing and getting it done. You're right about the arches though, they're fitting and pretty crucial to how it looks overall.
How much of an adjustment are we talking about, i.e. from the stock C-HR height to what we see in OP's pictures?
Going air is a big commitment for a lot of people, builds like this will be far and few between. What we'll see a lot of in the not too distant future are people going for entry-level coil over systems and even more likely are lowering springs.
I saw this C-HR on the Vossen Instagram. The VFS10's fit the C-HR so well, especially when it's getting slammed to the ground :)
For sure, you rarely see people on air for the main reason that it's pretty expensive. A set of coils brand new can run you $1000 whereas an air setup can easily be $5000+
Price was one of the big issues on going air instead of coils. Another was daily driving, I didn’t want to get stuck on the side of the highway with a blown bag. I have about a 120 mile round trip a day.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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