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Claimed to have the widest range of accessories the automaker has ever offered for one model, Toyota’s new C-HR can be customized to reflect their owners with more than 200 individual parts and 20 accessory packs.

Configuring your perfect C-HR on the UK site could take a while with how many possible options there are, and that’s in addition to the various engines and paint colors. The individual accessories are divided into three categories; Protection, Safety and Technology.

Under the protection category are items designed to keep your car looking new for as long as possible. There’s the typical boot liner and rubber floor mats that most cars are offered with, but Toyota went a step further and owners can now choose from three rear bumper protection options and more.

The Safety category follows a similar trend by offering front and rear parking sensors, a variety of child restraining seats, baby-safe belted base and the average first aid kit.

Then there’s the Transport accessories which covers everything from a foldable bicycle holder bag to roof mounted Thule ski/luggage boxes. No matter what extracurricular activities you’re into, there should be something on their list that’ll tickle your fancy.

Clicking on the exterior and interior tabs will bring forth even more items like sill plates in various colors, fog light surrounds, mirrors covers, comfort packages and more. There’s plenty to see on Toyota UK’s new car configurator, and we haven’t even touched on the Lifestyle accessories yet!
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