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Greeting Everyone,

I hope everyone is loving their CHR like I am 😁

I have a question regarding the Blind Spot Alert System on my 2019 XLE. I have had many cars in the past with the Blind spot alert system which I have really gotten used to for safety. All of them have had an "Audible" alert in addition to the visual alert light that pops up on the mirrors when someone is in your blind spot. For some reason, I don't hear anything, just the light only. I didn't know if the "Sound" Alert is on our cars our just disabled perhaps. Every other safety system on our cars has both lights and sounds but for some reason the Blind Spot doesn't have a sound even though that is the MOST USED safety feature on our cars used daily??? Doesn't make sense??? Please let me know if there is a way to turn anything on as I think the Audible alert is as important as the light by not having to take our eyes off the road to look at your mirror when changing lanes.

Thank you all for any information you can provide:)
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