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Big question

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Why TOYOTA CHR still not launching to indonesia :( ? I'm so waiting here... Any valid information about this pleasee....
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CHR only launches to limited countries as of now. The biggest rival may be from Honda HRV
That's sad... I can't find any info about the official C-HR launch in Indonesia. However, C-HR has already visited Asia. Back in January this year, it was presented at Singapore Motor Show. In May it took part at Malaysian Car show. Also, C-HR was spotted testing in Thailand. So, it's too early to get upset.
Only time will tell and from what I know, companies like to take their time and observe market demands first before releasing a model. I've had to wait almost a whole year before Kawasaki announced their intent to sell a specific bike in NA.
Here they talk about launch in Indonesia in November 2017 :
What does the Indonesia dealerships say? Maybe they have a general idea if Toyota will be releasing the CHR there or not because I can't find much recent news about it.
i bet that if you ask around at the dealership enough you might find out certain things from mechanics and even the service department, often they have to go for training months in advance, with that they learn a lot. Although not always will they tell you the slightest of details before launch.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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