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Audio issue

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I was listening to music using a USB stick. Unfortunately I pressed the button which produces a playlist based on the track currently playing. I didn't want this! There are 4500 tracks on the stick but now I'm stuck with just 100 of them. How do I tell the system to cancel this? There doesn't seem to be a way at all. Been back to the dealer, but they were as baffled as I am. I've tried removing the USB stick, putting a different one in, then putting back the original. It just resumes the track it was playing. (Too clever for it's own good). Anyone got an answer?
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No Idea, but did you try removing the stick and disconnecting the battery? trying to force a radio reset..

Maybe that helps. and also check the usb stick on a computer to see if the car radio added a playlist or any other file to the root of the usb stick. (Try this before disconnecting the battery)

Good luck

Thanks for responding.

I've had a look at the usb stick, using the 'Show Hidden Folders' option and there are no playlist files there. Pity, it was a great idea!

Disconnecting the battery is my 'nuclear' option if the dealer cannot supply a fix. I'm not sure it would work, but as a last resort I'll try it.
Not sure how to disable that feature or how it seems to get enabled in the first place, but I've found a workaround that seems to increase the number of tracks pulled from.

1. Select "Browse"
2. Select "Songs" (not Artists, Albums or Others)
3. When the full list appears, select one of the songs.
4. When it returns to the main USB screen, make sure Random is selected and Repeat is not.

This should allow it to play random tracks from the whole list of songs. Let me know if this works for you or not.
I have no idea how to create a Playlist on our entertainment systems even if I wanted to. Didn't know we had that capability. No problem on a pc or Android but not this device. To random play all songs on my thumb drive (maxed out at nearly 10000 tracks), I just say "shuffle all of my songs" and select random (unselect repeat).
Hi Shorty,

Tried your idea, liked it. But after it had played a single track (I made sure the track wasn't in the playlist), it went straight back to the playlist before I could even hit Random.

It's starting to really erk me now!

Thanks for your idea, though, appreciated.
I know Toyota use different model names in certain countries. In the UK, the middle ranked C-HR is called the Excel. It comes with a large central colour touchscreen which controls everything sound-related. It's one of the icons (playlist) on this screen I accidentally pressed while I was getting to know the car (only had it five days, secondhand).

No feedback from the dealer yet.
SOLVED the problem!
After a bit of lateral thinking, I decided to remove the usb stick, put it in my PC and rename it, rename the first folder on the stick, then try again. I now have random play again of all 4000+ tracks on the stick.

Still doesn't explain why I had such trouble in the first place though.

Many thanks to the people who made such good suggestions.

Good to hear my friend! I have all of my tunes in the root directory of the drive. No sub directories at all.
So... Do u create yer Playlists as .pls or .m3u? I haven't tried creating one specifically for our vehicles....
I use folders for each artist, using mp3 320bps encoding, not playlists, then choose 'random' on the C-HR touchscreen. This worked well on my previous car (RAV 4). I treated my 'new' car to a 64GB stick :)

On another semi-related note, my C-HR will only recognise the (antique) FAT32 file system, not NTFS. So if your stick won't work, use Properties on a PC to see which filesystem it has.
The fat32 issue is a pain. I ran into that also. And windows 10 won't let you format into fat32. I installed an app on my pc that was able to do it tho. I commented on this in a previous thread (somewhere). The app was free and worked well... If anyone is interested I can let you know what the prog was...
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