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2021. Loss of power steering and crank shaft sensor issues.

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I have 21 chr. While driving home I received a message of Abnormal voltage power steering low. I checked online and then xhecked and tightened the neg cable to neg post on battery. When car restarted the entire dash lit up and couldn't drive it. Brought it to dealer and was told crank shaft sensor was faulty and system needed to be reset. I know power steering and crank shaft have nothing to do with one another. Thoughts?
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I had something similar but not quite the same. I was driving on the highway and the passive breaking system freaked out and thought I was going to hit the car in front of me. Locked the brakes up which violently shook the entire car. Kept driving after the stupid braking system calmed down and went to a gas station. Upon starting the engine back up to leave, the dash lit up with a bunch of warning lights. Engine was running weird but I made it home.

Threw a scan tool onto the car and found a few trouble codes. I don't remember exactly what they were. I put up a post somewhere here talking about this problem. That post might have the trouble codes and I might have saved that scan in my scan tool. I just know it didn't make any sense. I discovered the negative battery cable was loose. The body shop that last touched the car didn't tighten the cable down after they finished their work. Restarted the engine and it was still idling weird. I then cleared out all the trouble codes and everything went back to normal. Haven't had any issues since and that was about 20k to 30k miles ago.
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