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2021 CHR front end flaps?

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Hello everyone I'm new here just bought my first CHR 2021, on my front end in front of the wheels I have a plastic wind guard or something? What's it there for? can I remove it? every time I park I seem to hit it...look @ pixs Is there an actual purpose for this???
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Hint - don't park so close to the curb :)
Interesting, even my Rav4 (2018) has these.
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Very good question! When I purchased my 2018, for some reason, there was an extra set in the cargo area. No idea why. There was another set already installed. I just assumed that they informed us when the cars body was too low relative to the ground thru tactile feedback?
Yes, but no. I bought a C-HR used and the previous owner tore one off and then the fender liner came loose because the square pegs that held it all together were gone and the fender liner rubbed against the tire and got shredded. Cost around $220 to buy a new air dam $70 and fender liner $60, then 30 min of labor at $80 to install it all.
Mine were held on with square plastic fasteners not bots. I guess they saw what kept happening.
I have them disassembled. I can't find any function for it.
It crashes in places that no other car of mine has crashed.
It's a danger. I know that some C-HRs have had serious breaks in the wheel arches or the underbody because of these parts.
When these pieces collide hard they can break much more expensive parts.
Greetings All, I have had these on other cars just like on the CHR. I have always heard that they are used as wind deflectors which helps reduce drag and wind noise while driving??? That is what I have heard in the past but not sure how to verify that??? Perhaps Google???:)
what are these things called actually and can you buy them as a spare part? cant find them in the toyota catalogue...
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