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But I disagree with some of the things they said with some of the cars that made the list. Such as the Supra. "Underwhelming" engine from the Z4 with less power? The author really needs to do some research. There have been numerous accounts of Supras putting out more power than the factory ratings with actual dyno charts. Not only that. Underwhelming? The HP and Torque from the B58 is tons more than the 2JZ stock for stock. Yes, the 2JZ can be tuned out to ridiculous power levels but the B58 can too. Papadakis Racing just recently built a 1000 HP B58 engine. Also, it's funny how everyone is fawning over the previous gen Supra as if it was such a huge success when it was still in production. It wasn't. It really didn't sell all that well. The only reason the previous gen Supra shot up in popularity and value was due to the Fast and the Furious movie.

The author's narrative about the 86 also lowers his credibility. How is the BRZ better than the 86? They're pretty much identical cars. The BRZ does have more options and better trim levels. But from what I have been able to discern the only mechanical advantage is the BRZ can be had with Brembo brakes and possibly upgraded dampers.

I also had to laugh at the author picking on the Prius. The Prius created the whole hybrid category and was a huge part of Toyota's sales for many years. The complaints the author throws out about the uninspiring exterior design along with the under powered engine. Does the guy actually understand what segment of the market it's targeted for? It's not meant to be a bloody sports car. People that buy this type of car only care about getting from point A to B as cheaply as possible.

But I do agree on the inclusion of the C-HR in the list.
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****, Daniel.

My love for anything that sets my car apart from the crowd (note: blue flame with bronze wheels) wants me to love this appearance.

But. My master's degree in fine arts points out that the overly squared design doesn't flow with the rest of the car.

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