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My Nissan Juke was involved in a nasty accident, and was totaled by my insurance. :crying: It had (mostly) full bolt-on: Injen CAI, Injen cat-back 3" exhaust, Go-Fast-Bits blow-off, 2J-Racing light-weight pully, and BCRacing coilovers.

With the Juke discontinued in the US, and the fact that we can't fit our family of 3 in my wife's 2018 Mazda MX-5 (Child Protective Services won't allow throwing our son in the trunk), I opted for the similarly-styled white/black 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE.

I went from an all-wheel-drive turbo, to a front-wheel-drive non-turbo. I'm already throwing ideas around for what I want to do...

Audio: The audio package is horrible - this will eventually be upgraded with a full speaker replacement, amp(s), and sub-woofer.

Suspension: I've seen these lowered, and they look AWESOME! Plus, this thing rolls so much into corners, I almost end up in the passenger seat. TRD has lowering springs, but since BCRacing is local, I'll try and work with them on a stiffer, but comfortable kit.

Wheels: The OEM wheels that come with the XLE aren't bad, but I will want something more unique once it's lowered.

Body/Aero: Some decent looking kits being developed over seas. I have my eyes on the Esprit kit.

Performance: Going from turbo to non-turbo is upsetting (I MISS YOU JUKE!). Overall, it feels big and sluggish. I would like to do something to improve the performance, but this engine and capabilities are a complete mystery to me at the moment. Can it fit and support a turbo without exploding? This is lower on the priority list, but I'll keep my eyes open for what the after-market peeps are doing.

I hope I can learn a few things from those on the forums, and maybe even share what new discoveries I find.
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