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2019 Toyota C-HR rear window defogger fuse

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My 2019 Toyota C-HR rear window defogger does not appear to work anymore. The light on the dash come on but the rear windows does not defrost. I figured it should be a fuse but can not seem to find the fuse responsible (attached is the image of the fuse diagram that is in the engine area).

Any indication or diagram of which fuse it is and where is located? The diagrams I find on-line must be for model that does no include a rear window defogger. Or I am just to able to accurately decipher the abbreviations 🤔.
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There is another fuse block in the passenger compartment on the driver's side. It's located under the dash by the kick panel. It's long and narrow with a black cover plate that snaps over it. I bet the fuse is there.
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