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I bought a 2019 Certified Pre-Owned C-HR Limited since the second week of purchasing this car, this car did nothing but give me the worst Toyota experience ever.
There were 2 problems with my car one of them was the cracking sound that came from the left front rear tire when I put the car in the reverse.
The second problem I have been dealing with and have gotten too annoyed with so far is the cracking sound that's coming through left and right rear windows.
Since second week of purchase, I've been to dealership 4 times already to get the issues fixed.
They looked like trying to help me. I showed the issue in front of them they said I hear the exactly noise that coming through tire when I put the car in the reverse but somehow when I go to pick up the car they give me invoice that says they could not detect the issue, and it was almost end of the day, so I picked up the car and came later.
On my second time there they said they cleaned the brakes and couldn't hear any noise after, but when I left put the car in reverse after I picked up the car I heard the same noise again.

The following weeks I went to authorized same dealership again where I bought the car and got diagnosed. Whatever, they fixed, the cracking sounds that came from the tire but still gave me invoice shows that they couldn't hear the noise coming from window even I showed the video that I've taken inside of my car, me going 10mph but sounds pretty annoyingly there.
I have a pretty tough schedule so I couldn't go long time until I needed an oil change and I wanted them to get the problem fixed that they couldn't get it fixed in the first place but again, they gave me an invoice couldn't find the noise. The next day I asked my parents to drop my car off, but they asked for 140$ to get the windshield strap changed for the problem that has been occurring since the first day of purchase; and with all invoices I have.

I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone after invoice because when they call me the day is over and there's no one inside.
I'm sick of going to the same dealership again because I drop my car and when I pick my car there is no one inside the office to talk since I am a full time student. I couldn't have a chance to go there.

I don't know what to do this is my first car and every time I drop they find a reason to not get it fixed. I don't know where to complain about the situation I have been dealing.
I have 4 invoices that shows I have been dealership 2 times for cracking noise when put in the reverse, and 2 for the cracking noise that comes from rear windows.
I don't wanna get this amount paid because it is not my problem and I didn't do it and it is happening since I bought the car.
What should I do please give me an advice?

This is the noise that I am talking about (

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I am sorry to read this, my comments are more to do with Toyota dealership service rather than the actual problem you have.
I too have had problems with my, from brand new, CH-R 2020 LE. I've had the AA out four times for non starting issues during my ownership, each time they check the main battery and say it is not receiving enough volts to keep it charged, the readout is 11.5 -12 volts going in, not enough to charge the starter battery except if 40 miles are driven and following taking into Toyota dealership I'm told the car should be driven more! I drive it most days varying distances from local shops to other towns.
Toyota says That a new battery is not required. The AA says that the battery is faulty...Toyota disagree. I even asked the manager of my dealership to comment, told everything was fine and to drive more once again.

Now I've had several Toyota Hybrids and never had this problem before. I've also used many great Toyota dealerships over the past twenty years during moves around the country.

My comments are more to do with poor service rather than the car being a lemon and agree that they should be treating you, the customer, much better than this if they want you coming back for years to come.

Toyota can fix any problem, including yours! They used to be so attentive and fixed everything but seem to have become like many others, fobbing you off and ignoring you, staff moral is probably low following the pandemic.

GOOD LUCK with your problems, I don't know what else you can do except employ an Independent Qualified Inspector and file a report to Toyota, sending it to as many Managers and Directors as possible.,

I assume you will not be buying a Toyota in the future unless they resolve your problem as a matter of urgency.......

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Hey, Really sorry to hear that. I also bought a CPO 2019 C-HR Limited but, in my case, I have no complaints. Mine came with 21k miles and I test drove it for around 5 to 10 miles (highway and backroads) before making the decision.

Following the same path, I can only recommend you the following:

If so, and as long as you are still under the mileage/time, you should be covered. If you feel the dealer is not managing the case correctly, take it to another one for a second inspection/opinion. Make sure you keep good records of everything.

You can also escalate or submit a complaint directly to Toyota through different means ( )

And finally, if you believe you have a valid case that is not properly taken care of, you may need to contact your local state attorney general's office for the process to get a consumer complaint submitted as it may vary from state to state.

Keep us posted as we like to hear the outcome of cases like yours. These forums are of great help and provide excellent guidance but some times it takes more than a simple call or visit to get the right people involved.

Good luck..!!!
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