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hows the radio working for you? I'm thinking of getting that same radio. Do you have the backup camera setup on that radio and all the wheel controls working as well?
I don't like it to be honest. I used it for a while but then took it out. It sticks out of the dash a bit which looks ugly when you look inside the car from outside.

You might be able to hook up backup camera, i didn't because i thought I'd be spending a bit too much on this radio

Radio comes with no harness what so ever. So you be picking up everything off amazon or ebay

Also requires the dash kit / brackets to fit in dash

Radio doesnt come with canbus so you ll have to spend more of you don't wanna cut factory wires. With that your steering wheel controls are a hit or miss. For me talk button works as to mute the radio, call answer, rewind buttons work but forward and call end clash for some reason so i can only either setup call end or music forward. So no..for me at least not all the controls worked

Screen quality isn't too bad.

I had weird issue with clock on the radio where it would run 5 to 10 minutes ahead of real time. The firmware Eonon provided to fix it didn't fix anything and took away EST time zone.

To conclude all the money you be spending on radio and harness, it is not worth it. Shipping might be free but you will end up paying for custom charges.

There are better alternatives to this with stock look. Check out the Dasatia head unit on Aliexpress. There is another thread open for Dasaita radio.

Good luck
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