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2018 Toyota C-HR May Get Colored Roof

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The 2018 Toyota C-HR is going to come with optional contrasting roof. The prototype on display at the Chicago auto show had a metallic teal body and a gloss white roof. I've always like the floating roof look and it'll be nice to get a white body with a black roof or a red body with a black roof. Just something different.

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Reminds me of a mini-cooper color combination. But other manufacturers like Kia are doing the same thing with the Soul. Personally I'd skip out on the white roof but I can see people going for it. Like you listed, White with a black roof or Red with a black roof and I'll be a content camper.
Depends on how much more Toyota will charge for a painted roof and I really can't see a white roof looking good on any color but blindingly bright paints. This two toned thing seems to be a new trend, even Jeep is doing it with the Compass.
The two-tone thing works on the right vehicles and appeals to a lot more people by making a simple change.

The white roof can look good even on a nice red metallic paint job. It's an old-school combination that adds more character to the already animated C-HR. Am I a fan of it, not really, but I'm sure there are people out there that are.
The two tone roof works best on crossovers with a roof that's not too large. Can't see it apply to full sized SUVs or anything low to the ground like a sedan. If the black is an affordable option then I may be interested.
The main thing is the way it cuts off at the bottom. If there is a clean area where the roof/top panel ends in conjunction with the A pillar and the rear, then it'll work well. If it's something continuous, then obviously, not possible. Well it is possible, but it would look stupid
Starting to wonder if they will use the CH-R as a platform to offer an EV, and if that's the case then maybe the 3rd roof option will be a carbon fiber roof ;)

It's a bit of a stretch but with how much cheaper CF is getting by the month, that is a growing possibility.
The Euro version and Australian versions are offered with black or white roof options.
North america only gets white roof options.
Cost $540 for the blue or green & $795 for the red here in Canada.
There is no way they would ever have an option for a carbon fiber roofed C-HR. They'd do that with the Supra first before anything I would think and even at that, I highly doubt that one too haha
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