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So I recently, and successfully, replaced all of the speakers, line output converter, amp, and wiring on my 2018 CH-R and had a ***** of a time doing it because there is almost zero information out there about the wiring for the back of the factory stereo, the AXLP-Q18U T10159. So through a butt-ton of research, a copy of an after-market wiring harness manual, and splice-and-pray wiring, I was able to get it all hooked up successfully (and I'm telling you all of this to let you know how hard I worked, give me praise). I took a few photos and labeled them along the way in the hopes of passing along the knowledge for someone else who is trying to add speakers/amp to theirs without replacing the stock head unit. I'm adding the pictures from the after-market wiring harness just in case I got my own labeling wrong on my pictures so you can double check for yourself. And if anyone knows of a current post with this exact information, feel free to call me a moron because I couldn't find it for the life of me. Enjoy!

Note- I spliced all of the original wiring (original in, original and separate line out via butt terminal, so 1 in 2 out) because I'm not sure how the wiring would affect the tweeters in the dash, I suggest you do the same out of an abundance of caution. Tweeters are still working great in mine with this technique. And if you need to test which wires go where, take a AA/AAA battery and touch the + and - of the same speaker wires to each side of the battery, you'll hear a little pop in the speakers/tweeters. Also, the door speaker wire colors DO NOT match the back of the stereo speaker wires. And all of the wires that are not labeled are not relevant to wiring (at least my) amp and speakers.

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