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2018 C-HR North America wants & availabilty

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The new C-HR has the potential to be a segment leader in the USA, if Toyota grows the offering and availability. The initial Toyota offering is somewhat limited as compared to other markets. IMO some important limitations are: (1) The back-up cam display is in the rear view mirror, not in the multimedia display, (2) No offering for Apple Car Play, and (3) only one interior color scheme with no color accent options, as exist in other markets. This type of limited initial offering may be typical, but it is disappointing for one in the market today. I hope readers will voice their C-HR wants and any exciting release news in this thread.
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Presently In the USA these are not offered as they are in markets of Europe + .......

As Previously Mentioned:
(1) Backup camera not shown in (large) multimedia display (in mirror)
(2) Interior color options (dashboard, seats, etc); nothing but black

A Few More:
(3) The unique & sharp looking LED rear tail lights & front marker lights (sharp car but could easily be sharper)
(4) Diferent motors options and the hybrid option;
Welcome to the forums. I don't see it becoming a segment leader unfortunately though, the styling is too love/hate and the competition in this segment is thick.

It's finally available in Canada I think for a month or so, so USA should be getting it real soon no?
CX-3 seems to me what could be the segment leader, already I think the Mazda 3 has scooped up some awards and rise to the top. If the upcoming Toyota TJ production model is as cool as its concept is, then that could do some damage to the CX-3. TJ will do "cool" better.
@ iRRegular & SiR: You both speak to your view that the C-HR won't be a segment leader (in NA). If Toyota doesn't put them on the lots in NA in good numbers AND doesn't expand/improve the offering I tend to agree with you. Improving the offering was the intent in my original posting of this thread.

But the C-HR has only been on the market with very limited quantities in NA for about two months and still has sold enough in June to be the #3 seller in the USA. IMHO, I do believe the C-HR has the potential to be a top seller if not segment leader if the offering is expanded, while also mainaing competitive pricing.

PS... This consumer won't buy any new car that doesn't have LED tail & marker lights, which includes the NA C-HR.
Love the car!! Hate the infotainment and backup camera option (or lack thereof).
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