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2017 Toyota C-HR To Launch In Australia

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For anyone in Australia, it has been confirmed that the 2017 Toyota C-HR will be launched early next year so there's still a while to wait.

The Australian models will have a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine under the hood for 85kW of power and 185Nm of torque. Also, it'll be available in front and all-wheel drive and it'll be paired with six-speed manual and CVT automatic transmissions.
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It's about time. So is it safe to say the C-HR will launch first in Aussie and then everywhere else after? Or will it be some multiple-market launch all at once?
I think Aussie will get it first, give it a month or so and the different markets will get it ?
From what I noticed in the past the difference in release from one market to another has been at least a few months apart. Maybe that will hold up with the C-HR's release?

Best thing to do will be asking questions at your local dealer, some might keep you in the loop, others will shut you out.
Pretty much. The dealer is going to have to become your best friend right now to figure anything out lol
I was really hoping there would be a lot more coverage in regards to this. I think this is a big deal for Toyota. It's stirring up a buzz and when they don't inform people about it, people tend to just flake out of it and go for something else. Doesn't seem like the wisest thing to me...
It's probably because right now we've reached a dead point in the industry, so its a bit natural due to the switch over of production lines and all. Just have to be patient an wait for the rate of news to ramp up. We might even be seeing things coming right from Toyota.
Most definitely, especially in this segment. We are seeing a few spy shots coming out of other suv/cuv and what not but nothing too crazy is going on just yet. It's just a matter of time
Just recently the next Lexus CT was spied, and that's something that isn't too far off from what the CH-R is for anyone that is familiar with the range of models we have available to us these days. But for all we know the next CT could be a bit more CUV like and not like the hatch we once knew it as.
Australian pricing is high, limited stock for 2017.
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