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2017 Toyota C-HR Interior Revealed In Black And blue

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We’ve so far only seen the C-HR’s exterior at its unveiling in this year’s Geneva Motor Show. At that time, no interior pictures were available since the windows were all blacked out. Well now Toyota has revealed the hybrid crossover’s interior design in a series of pictures on their site.

Like its exterior, the C-HR’s interior is no less striking in black and blue. A line of blue spans from one door to the other, running across the brown leather-trimmed dashboard with more blue accents to be found in the cup holder and under the door arm rests.

The blue accent and asymmetrical design draws your eyes towards the center console and the prominent 8-inch free-standing infotainment system which features Toyota’s Touch 2 multimedia system. By going with a standing screen that sits at the driver’s eye level, Toyota has left plenty of room under it for a clean cluster of vents and climate controls. All controls in the center console including the infotainment screen is slanted slightly towards the driver.

Though the rear seats still remains hidden, we do have a clear picture of the heavily bolstered front seats that are upholstered in black and dark brown leather. If this color scheme isn’t to your taste, once the ordering books are open buyers can choose from three interior color schemes; dark grey, black/blue, and black/brown.

What do you think of the Toyota C-HR’s interior?
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That looks really nice. I love that wrap around blue trim piece. A really nice way to throw some colour, add a bit of distribution, and keep it subtle. The seats look really good too, quite surprised to see this much put into it
Seems like with Scion dead they're trying to have some of its DNA live on in Toyota that would have most likely been a Scion. Hopefully this is a trend that follows into other Toyota higher up the range, although I wouldn't want to see it in something like the Tundra or Sequoia.
Definitely not those models, but a vast majority of the other models can definitely benefit from this. Change the game up a little bit, keep things exciting.
Models like the iA (Yaris), Corolla, Camry, Rav4 can use it. Would be weird to see it in a highlander, avalon or anything higher up.
Yea no definitely can't imagine this in a Highlander. That would be really awkward lol
Indeed. Highlander is that breaking point where things start to go up in class, some of the lower range and some of the higher. If anything they should be going the slightly more luxurious route while maintaining all the good off road things about it.
That can work actually. It would be one of those vehicles that can pull off both the luxury vibe and off-roading characteristics. Very versatile vehicle
Well, it does already pull that off, it has and it continues to. Currently it has that mixture going on more than it did with the first generation.

Seems to be the way some car makers are going, Honda has some good examples of that mix of capability and luxury going on as well.
I hope they don't use the cheap hard plastic material on the interior because that's what it looks like under the piano black dash section.
I wouldn't doubt them using it. Cuts cost down and it's more fitted to what the market is for that.
Even if they do you sort of have to accept it for what it is, this is going to be one of the brands cheapest models. Too many people don't have expectations in line with what the product was meant to deliver.
That's a big issue with new vehicles that come out though. People see it and start implanting what it "should be" in their minds and believe it. Then when the production model comes out, they all get upset
With how toyota is marking the c-hr, my expectations are pretty high but I know they won't be able to deliver on everything I see. Just a matter of compromising for what you pay for.
I'm not too fond of that compromising thing. If I'm paying a good amount of money for something, it should be up to what I'd want it at otherwise there are many other options
With how toyota is marking the c-hr, my expectations are pretty high but I know they won't be able to deliver on everything I see. Just a matter of compromising for what you pay for.
The way I see it, now we might not get as much bang for our buck, instead we will see the features thinned out more, which is smart since Toyota can still push these in good volume and get people to pay what they want.
That's it. Not offering a lot and giving them the option creates more a "bespoke" kind of feel. That pretty much translates to money in the pocket at that point
It's why I sort of wish scion was still around as you tend to get a lot of good stuff from the start for the amount your spending, but just look at what happened to them, maybe that was one of the reasons.

Incremental improvements over time is the tried and true method.
I think that's pretty much it. We may have liked the way they did things as a consumer, but profit wise, it probably just didn't cut it which takes priority of course.

Likely it's the sort of thing we won't see again with a product this low down in the automotive world. Really high up when buying performance models... of course. But car makers know if someone really wants certain features and it's packaged in a way that will get them to buy, it will sell.

As you can imagine they're in the business of buyer psychology.
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