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12v Solutions Remote Car Starter for C-HR???

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I was looking around and found the these guys offer a remote start for the C-HR. It looks like its just a harness that uses the door lock remote button to run the remote start. Just wanted to know if anyone had one????
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Hey mersh75!

I do have this system and have some input on the this thread:

You will see a link to my installation video specific to the NA C-HR in that thread...very easy...

The system itself works well EXCEPT the limitations of the OEM key fob are significant. If you notice, the range of our fobs is pretty sad. Most vehicles can unlock doors via the fob over a significant distance (my former vehicle could unlock the doors within, maybe, 40 or 50 foot- line of site). The C_HR is A LOT less than any other vehicle that I have owned. 20 foot max (maybe less) in ideal conditions.
This being the case, the remote start wont work unless you are within that usable range. It just need to be close. It's the fobs signal strength (or perhaps the receiver in the car) that is the problem, not the remote start system.

To aid in this shortcoming, you can add an additional module (also available via 12volt solutions) that attaches to the remote start. The additional module utilizes cell towers to connect to the remote start via an app on your phone (and my android watch too!). This system is only limited in range by the cell signal in the area in which you are parked. I was on holiday in Seattle a while ago and remote started my vehicle that was in Ohio! Pretty crazy. It also adds GPS capabilities and a couple other perks. There is a monthly/yearly subscriptions required for cell phone capability. See the details on

I bought the original "Smart Start" system (manufactured by Directed Electronics, aka Viper, Cliiford and more) to attach to the remote start. Nothing but headaches originally. The customer service (Clay) from 12voltsolutions was impeccable and he bent over backwards to get the cell system to work. Still had problems...they sent me an upgraded version and I have been happy since. I believe that the original problems were a Directed Electronics connectivity issue- not the vendor.

They no longer offer the Directed Electronics version- apparently I wasn't the only one having problems and they have switched over to a different module manufactured by a different vendor. I can't comment on how well the newer version works...

Confused? Not surprised...just ask and Ill try to any unanswered questions.
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Thanks for you input and reply DrZeus! Very helpful!
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