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  1. Anyone in the NYC area willing to donate their car?
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  8. Openpilot
  9. Tow Bar
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  11. Question re Entune 3.0 Alexa?
  12. Avatar
  13. Buying tips for New/Used Toyota CHR
  14. Cruise Control Speed Variation
  15. meter settings
  16. Front Upper Strut Bar
  17. Automatic trunk release
  18. Apparently I can't put air in my tires....
  19. Front license plate bracket removal
  20. Transmission Noise
  21. 2018 CHR MPG keeps resetting
  22. Saw this on FB and thought I'd share.
  23. @Shaggy RE: Your PM
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  25. After market sunroof
  26. Paint protectant/ wax
  27. Electric Tailgate for 2019 C-HR
  28. TPWS Registration after tires change
  29. Toyota's first EVs in China are a C-HR… and another C-HR
  30. Front License Plate
  31. After Market Floor Liner 3D Maxpider Kagu
  32. Yes Please 1.5 Turbo AWD!
  33. Don't like the Passenger Airbag Off light...
  34. Subwoofer Remote Lead
  35. Curious!
  36. Help with part (oil drain cover)
  37. A brief tutorial on installation of JDM taillights
  38. After Market Sirius Radio
  39. Installing European/Japanese version Tail light set
  40. Electrical autonomy
  41. Wrecked C-HRs a 2018 with 32k miles?!!!
  42. Toyota wants to expand TRD across lineup
  43. The Prius is getting AWD. When will the C-HR?
  44. Smart key auto start🤔
  45. I sent an email to Toyota requesting AWD for the 2020 C-HR
  46. Mirror IPhone to the CHR Multimedia screen or similar?
  47. Switching out navigation screen🙀
  48. Digital speedometer
  49. Radio user interface looks different
  50. Front Lower Bumper Grill
  51. Front Lower Bumper Grill
  52. Towing with your C-HR...is it possible?
  53. Owners Manual Case
  54. 8X2 color code, same in Japan and USA?
  55. 2019 C-HR gets more features and new trim level
  56. Apparently people just don't respect other people's properties
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  58. 2019 Toyota C-HR NA version
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  63. Should I change my oil now?
  64. Adaptive cruise control
  65. Seat Belt warning
  66. NHC Aerodynamics (specialize in C-HR products)
  67. Aha radio
  68. Sunroof aftermarket
  69. Digital speedometer
  70. Need a C-HR for video production!
  71. Headlights blinding
  72. Interior lights won’t go on
  73. Car Accidents / Dents/ Fender Benders
  74. 2019 C-HR Wishlist
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  76. Paid car hire - london
  77. Well if the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
  78. ZXY10 & ZGX10 Body
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  80. C-HR maintenance no that bad
  81. $1500 cashback in California. Dealer discounts too?
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  84. does C-HR has engine oil % indicator ?
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  86. C-HR in Mexico
  87. Question About My Smart Key Keyless Entry
  88. How many miles have you clocked so far?
  89. How does the C-HR handles hills
  90. C-HR Body Kits
  91. SRS Passenger Warning Light
  92. Euro owners: blind spot mirror in side view mirror.
  93. Kakim0to exhaust toyota chr 1.8cc
  94. Fuse box
  95. Nothing but problems with our C-HR
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  97. CH-R Front Window Glass Smeared
  98. Electronic Parking Brake Cover
  99. C-HR R-Tuned
  100. Winter Weather- How does she handle?
  101. What is avg age of a Ch-r owner in the U.S.?
  102. Big question
  103. iPhone Messages
  104. Where to place your mobile phone
  105. Exclusive Toyota C-HR launch event VIP
  106. dear Toyota, i won't be buying your Toyota Juke sans turbo
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  126. US Model C-HR Only Gets One Engine
  127. Toyota C-HR Production is Underway
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  129. Anything new.. ?!
  130. 2018 Toyota C-HR )Formerly the Scion iR) Will Arrive in US Next Spring
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