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Toyota C-HR Issues And Problems

  1. My 2019 CHR - HEATER
  2. EPB Activation Incomplete
  3. CH-R Would Not Let Me Switch Into Drive
  4. Center Display Screen/Infotainment Black Out
  5. CH-R sudden loss of power
  6. Low air pressure light is on
  7. Rear window vibration from speakers?
  8. Anyway to Turn OFF Display on the Infortainment system - Toyota CH-R 2019
  9. Anyone having problems with touch lock and unlock on the door handles
  10. Customer Support Program Notification
  11. Fuel Pump Co lour Code
  12. Parking sensors symbols
  13. AC isnt blowing any cold air at all
  14. phone mirror link
  15. abnormal voltage
  16. CH-R Mirror
  17. Loosing Power when pulling out onto a road
  18. Steering Rack Noise
  19. Rough Idle After Battery Replacement
  20. Infotainment system
  21. Rear camera screen turned blue
  22. C-HR keyless entry and inner lighting
  23. Service manual
  24. Strange buzzing noise from rear of CHR
  25. Auto lock door in-operative
  26. System Malfunctions
  27. Sticking going into Reverse & 1st Gear
  28. Sticking going into Reverse & 1st Gear
  29. Vibrating chr
  30. Steering wheel's sound while using signals!
  31. My radio keeps going on out
  32. first service
  33. first service
  34. Lane Departure Assist
  35. USB Port greyed out/not working
  36. CHR-slip indicator light flashing
  37. CHR Fuel Range not correct
  38. Bluetooth
  39. CHR in UK has already windshield crack p
  40. Windshield crack spontaneous ?
  41. Click sensation in steering after start up
  42. Front Camera Unavailable Came On
  43. Break Rotor Back Plate
  44. Constant Bluetooth reconnect
  45. Sending text
  46. Noises when putting car in drive/reverse?
  47. Touch 2 help
  48. Audio issue
  49. Audio issue
  50. Slight rpm hang on decel
  51. EPB Malfunction-Visit Your Dealer
  52. Smudge and Scrape on Bottom Front Plastic Bumper
  53. Pre-collision malfunction
  54. Remote Control Range?
  55. Water and Suds Getting Into The Top of the Back Hatch After Washing
  56. Parking Assistance
  57. Windows Streak After Washing
  58. Lock-handle system and Remote?
  59. Dashboard brightness gauge issue
  60. Signal Lights/ hazard lights stopped working
  61. Too much road feedback on steering wheel
  62. Seat heaters
  63. Coolant Fluid
  64. parking or collision sensors are activated in the rain
  65. The c pillar blind spot
  66. New C-HR owner with USB port issues
  67. KM's to empty not right
  68. Rain water coming in when driving with window slightly open
  69. European C-HR Windscreen crack !