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Originally Posted by DrZeus View Post
Thanks Eric! Do you know what is meant by "skid control"? That is referencing the parking brake? Admittedly, I'm not real savvy with car speak.
Skid control probably means the whole traction control unit, such as TRC, VSC, ABS, EPB, DRCC, etc. Most of the systems related to brake, are connected with traction control unit. So once the Skid control unit detected an error code from EPB, the whole traction control system may be affected, such as DRCC, EPB and so on.

Here's a quote from Toyota Australia, they had a detailed explanation of this recall.

"In the subject vehicles, there is a possibility that the Skid Control Electronic Control Unit (ECU) may incorrectly identify a small increase in circuit resistance caused by expected oxide film on the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) motor as an open circuit. This can typically occur when the EPB has not been operated for a period of time. ECU identification of the open circuit would result in illumination of the EPB warning light and could make the EPB inoperative. A vehicle with an inoperative parking brake that is not otherwise placed in "Park" (automatic transmission), or in 'N' (manual transmission) creates an increased risk of a rollaway if the vehicle is parked on a grade. For all involved vehicles, Toyota dealers will correct the skid control ECU at no cost to customers."
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